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October 6, 2009

Dell+Ivoxy Happy Hour on Oct 29

Filed under: Events — Nate @ 10:21 am

Dell is at it again, this time with Ivoxy on October 29th in Bellevue’s Parlor Billards. They look to be focusing on Equallogic storage. I was at another event with Ivoxy and Equallogic at the very same venue about a year or two ago when they were partnered up, they both seemed pretty happy to be partners. Then Ivoxy ran into NetApp’s arms and have been in love with them ever since.  So I think it’s kinda strange deja vu for them to have this sort of event focused on Equallogic storage. I suppose there are use cases where they might recommend Equallogic over NetApp but it certainly seems that Ivoxy is a NetApp shop.

If your interested you can register here. If it was earlier in the day I’d probably go..

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