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December 13, 2009

Save MySQL from Oracle

Filed under: News — Nate @ 11:02 am

One of the creators(the creator?) of MySQL is pleading to the public to write to the EC to save MySQL.

Myself I’m not so sure of the future of MySQL in any case, it seems since Sun bought them it has gotten into nothing but trouble. I’m sure the MySQL guys enjoyed the big payout but it may of cost them even more. I’m still using versions of MySQL that were released before Sun bought them because there is so much uncertainty around the versions that are out now.  It’s been forked at least once, and I have questions on the stability of the latest official branches.

Keep in mind if you do use MySQL and want to secure some sort of gaurantee from Oracle, that Oracle already owns InnoDB and BerkleyDB, InnoDB of course being probably the widest deployed engine for MySQL.

I for one am against the merger, not for MySQL but for Java. Split Java(and MySQL I suppose) out and Oracle can have the rest of Sun. Oracle already has one of the big enterprise JVMs – Jrockit, acquired when they bought BEA. The only other big JVM I know of is from IBM.

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