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January 4, 2010

Uptime of various web properties

Filed under: Monitoring — Nate @ 6:19 pm

Came across a post on Techcrunch, which then lead me to Alertsite, which seems to maintain a list of various web sites in various industries and their average uptime and response time. I thought it was interesting at least that Amazon is up only 97% of the time, and LinkedIn up only 95% of the time for examples. Kind of puts things in perspective I think, an increasing number of people and organizations are “demanding” higher levels of uptime, while it’s certainly achievable it seems in many cases the costs are just not worth it.  Taking it to an extreme level, this topic reminds me of this article written several years ago by our best friends at The Register.

When Microsoft goofed the DNS settings on its servers recently, he figured the site would have to be up for the next two hundred years to achieve five-nines uptime.

Don’t know why I remember things like that but can’t remember other things like birthdays.

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