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October 5, 2010

Keeping TechOpsGuys around a bit longer

Filed under: General — Nate @ 7:52 am

Well before the domain transferred Robin from StorageMojo sent a good comment my way and it made sense. He’s a much more experienced blogger than me so I decided to take his advice and do a couple of things:

  • Keep the TechOpsGuys name for now – even though it’s just me – until I manage to find something better
  • Keep the original layout – it annoys me but I can live with it with the Firefox zoom feature(zoomed in 150%)

Thanks Robin for the good suggestions, (I don’t know enough about MySQL to recover the data since I did the original migration)

Maybe someone else will join my blogging in the future..

The old TechOpsGuys is officially dead.. Well you may be able to hit it if you have the IP (not that you care!),  my former partners in crime are welcome to contribute to the site still if they want.

I’ll bring up again probably this weekend to rave about non technical topics, so I can keep this site technical..since I run the server and can run as many blogs as I want! Well as many as I have time to..


  1. Hell maybe I’ll join you. I do this shit all the time, might as well put it to good use. I’m an infrastructure guy, heavy in automation, storage, networks, virtualization, and pretty much everything else *nix you’d expect.

    This week alone I migrated TB’s of postfix and wiki data and wrote a user management framework in python to automate the user lifecycle with our internal apps. Sound interesting?

    Comment by Scott — October 6, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

  2. Wow, that was fast:)

    Yes it does sound interesting, can you send me more info about yourself and if possible something you would want to post on the site? From your post it certainly does seem like you would be a good fit here. I assume since your offering you don’t find too much fault in what I write here(I have no problem admitting I am very biased in some areas).

    I do appreciate the offer and look forward to hearing from you, my email address is nate (@) nateamsden (.) org (or .com or .net if you prefer…) Now that I have the techopsguys domain I should setup email addresses under that domain..

    thanks again!!

    Comment by Nate — October 6, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

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