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October 8, 2010

Windows mobile: the little OS that couldn’t

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I don’t know how to feel, a mixture of happiness and sorrow I suppose. Happy that MS is still unable to get any traction in the mobile space, and sad that they have spent so much time and effort and have gotten nowhere, I feel sorry for them, just a little sorry though.

From our best friends at The Register, an article quoting some folks at Gartner –

Gartner said that Windows Phone 7 will provide a fillip to Microsoft’s worldwide mobile market share, pushing it up from 4.7 per cent this year to 5.2 per cent in 2011, but it’s share will fall again to 3.9 per cent by 2014.

That’s just sad, for the worlds biggest software company. I mean I have a Palm pre and I know their market share is in the toilet, not that it really matters at this point since they sold out to HP they made their money. But Palm had a microscopic amount of resources compared to Microsoft. Microsoft has been trying this for I have to think at least a decade now. If the above is true, if by 2014 they have 4% market share, what would you do if you were MS, spending 14 years to get 4% market share?

I never understood the mobile space, and I worked at one of the earliest companies that capitalized on the space earlier this decade, selling ringtones and wallpapers like nobody’s business. All I could think was what are these people thinking buying all this crap. But they just kept coming and coming. Like moths to a flame or something. Nobody was worse than Sprint though before they ended up partnering with that company I was with. I remember back in … 2004? I looked to see what Sprint had to offer as far as ringtones and stuff and they actually wanted you to rent them, that’s right, pay $2.99 or whatever for a ringtone and then have to buy it again in 90 days. That practice stopped after they bought Nextel which was already a customer of ours at the time and Sprint was merged into the service that we provided.

If it wasn’t for Classic, I would still be using a trusty Sanyo feature phone, booted up in about 15 seconds, crashed maybe once or twice a year, worked really well as a phone, and battery lasted a good long time too.

I noticed the battery life on my Palm went through the roof practically after I stopped using the MS Exchange plugin all this time I thought the battery life was crap when it was that stupid plugin draining it.

Looking forward to the PalmPad from HP myself. I won’t go near an Apple product. I don’t trust Google either, so Android is out 🙂


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