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Dell going after Compellent

I know this first made news a couple of days ago but I can't tell you how busy I've been recently. It seems like after Dell got reamed by HP in the 3PAR bidding war they are going after Compellent,  one of the only other storage technology companies utilizing distributed RAID, and as far as I know the main pioneer of automagic storage tiering.

This time around nobody else is expected to bid, it seems the stock speculators were a bit disappointed when the talks were announced as they had already bid the stock up far higher than what is being discussed as being the acquisition price.

While their previous generation of controllers seemed rather weak, their latest and greatest look to be a pretty sizable step up, and apparently can be leveraged by their existing customers, no need to buy a new storage system.

I can't wait to see how EMC responds myself. Dell must be really frustrated with them to go after Compellent so soon after losing 3PAR.

TechOps Guy: Nate