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February 17, 2012

Random Irony – MySQL wanting .NET

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So I am here late at night waiting for Citrix to call me back about a issue on one of my Netscalers so I went to install an eval of the 3PAR System Reporter — last time I used it it was windows-only, even though it was based off of Apache, MySQL and some CGI. Out of instinct I installed a windows VM to install this on and since it is an eval I am just going to put MySQL on the same VM because well our array is small and there just isn’t enough data to tax it. Later I found out I can use Linux now! But for Linux it needs 32-bit, so for this eval I’ll stick to windows since I’m almost done setting it up and I don’t have 32-bit Linux handy at the moment.

I’ve never been a big fan of system reporter, it seems very much like the tools from EMC anyways, and I’ve heard similar about the tools from HDS. So I guess it is typical, which is probably why I am not fond of it. But installing it is faster and easier than getting my home grown stuff online. So in the meantime I’ll use it till I get some spare time to install my custom stuff (which uses perl scripts, rrdtool and cacti to display the data – along with a lot of time to create the graphs).

So I was installing some things and went to install MySQL, much to  my surprise, it wanted .NET. Oracle owns MySQL, they own Java, MySQL is of course open source, and I’m sure it’s got more deployments on Linux and stuff than Windows so it puzzles me after all that, that the MySQL folks go out of their way to use .NET for whatever they are using it for.

Thought it was funny anyways

Where's my NET?

Little update – got a cryptic error while trying to install system reporter.. so I guess here comes another support case for HP!

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