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The final countdown

TechOps Guy: Nate


It's 5:30 AM ..

I got paged this morning for something someone else broke, so I was up already, I know HP was going to announce something soon (was expecting tomorrow, HP Discover is Dec 4-6th and it's still December 3 in Germany), but it seems like it is today instead, and as I write this we're about 30-minutes away.

I'm not all sure what is being announced vs what I have learned already, so am excited to see this news will finally get released.

UPDATE - It seems the new 7200 and 7400 arrays have been announced, waiting to see if there is more or not. Entry level pricing for 3PAR just got cut by about 2/3rds to about $20-25,000 with the introduction of these arrays in the mid range. There's a bunch more though, once I get more clarification as to what I can talk about then I'll have something else to write..


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