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March 6, 2013

Another trip to Seattle

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Well I’m going again.. one of my best friends works at Microsoft over in Boston and finally found a training class to give him an excuse to come out to Seattle – his last trip was about four years ago. So I decided to go up and hang out with him and other friends. Go to my favorite places(COW GIRLS COW GIRLS..!) and have a lot of fun…

I’ll be there from this Friday the 8th until the 17th.

I’m pretty excited.

As much as I miss Seattle I’ve come to the conclusion in recent months that I can’t move back — at least not any time real soon. I have been hammered so hard by recruiters these past few months(especially since the new year). They have just been relentless. Including opportunities in Seattle. I miss friends and places up there – but from a career perspective the Bay Area is a better place to be. I’m not focused on my career at the moment (if I was I may of jumped ship as my job has gotten relatively boring and dull the past 6 months as things have gotten to be very stable and growth has leveled out). I’m happy where I am at with the flexibility that I get and the management that is in place. I think back to past companies where often times I got to a point in stability in operations but other things were blowing up be it management, or the economy or both which drove me away (always ended up being a good decision in hindsight). But at my current position I feel no similar pressure. So I have been tweaking and tuning and fixing little things here and there, and documenting like crazy.

I could even move back and still keep my same job at the same company — but I wouldn’t be able to walk to the office any more. I’d have to commute, and pay for parking, and the weather isn’t as nice as it is here (and I mean right here – I don’t like the weather in the South Bay Area vs here – which is San Bruno).

So things are going as well as I could hope for I think. I’d love to have more toys to play with, this is the smallest company from a infrastructure perspective I have worked for pretty much ever (past companies would of compared to some extent had virtualization been leveraged to the extent that it has here). That is my only gripe but it is a small one. It’s an easy trade off to make. I have little doubt that if another person tried to join my group, especially a senior one they would probably quit pretty fast because there is nothing interesting for them to do. For once I am happy to be bored, happy to have stress levels that could practically register in negative numbers!

It was a hard decision to make (to decide not to go back),  but I’ve made it now so it’ll be easier to answer that question when friends and recruiters ask.

But I do intend to keep visiting..!

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