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Influx of SPAM – batton down the hatches!

I don't know what is going on but for some reason this blog has been getting a lot more SPAM comments recently. I mean normally Akismet takes care of everything and MAYBE one gets through a MONTH, eleven have gotten through today alone (update: now 14)

I haven't been keeping track, but that little counter on the right side is up to almost 75,300 now -- the last time I recall noticing it I thought it was below 30,000..

The Akismet plugin says it is operational and the API key I am using is valid,and all servers are reachable.

I wonder what is going on, maybe today is just my lucky day.

TechOps Guy: Nate

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  1. It’s not just you, my obscure blog has also been battered. I suspect the spammers have found a way to defeat Akismet, and are looking for blogs that don’t have moderation and rely solely on Akismet to block spam.

  2. interesting — I have continued to be hit over the past few days. Fortunately it is not overwhelming – but good to know it is not just me


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