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June 5, 2013

Real life Sim City

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[WARNING: Non technical content directly ahead]

I’ve looked at Google maps a lot over the years, but don’t remember ever seeing something quite like this. I played tons of Sim City many years ago and when I saw this I was immediately reminded of Sim City. It just seems so ..familiar.

I’m planning on staying at a hotel in this town in Nevada in a couple of weeks to visit a friend who is coming in from out of town(in case you were wondering how I stumbled upon this).

This first picture reminds me of many times when I would build out a neighborhood in Sim City with the roads, zone it with light (or medium) residential, perhaps  put neighborhood school near by – then watch the houses pop up one by one:

Real life Sim City Part 1

You can see a few individual houses here and there, and it’s pretty easy to make out what look a lot like Sim City zoned plots of land(semi square shaped), obviously with a bunch of roads that are already complete. For the most part very clean empty plots of land. Much different than what I have seen many times in the past where perhaps there is a big real estate project under development and many houses are being built simultaneously with the road being laid out.

There is another part of the town that is quite similar, again eerily reminds me of Sim City:

Sim City in real life part 2

In this case I’m again reminded of some low density residential, along with a park in the middle(well in this case the other half of the middle is not yet laid down (not in the picture above, see the google maps link). The plots are so uniform, the houses remind me so much of Sim City.

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