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February 2, 2014

Go Seahawks!

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Go Seahawks!


I’m not one for sports really, though I did get interested in NFL back when Seattle first went to the Superbowl in 2005/2006(despite my father being pretty hard core into 49ers and Broncos growing up I never had any interest in football). My interest waned over the years as their performance waned. Though this year was just incredible, I would never of imagined such a season or a Superbowl finish like that.  Living in the Bay Area now I don’t get to see many of their games unless they happen to be playing the Raiders or 49ers. I am surprised(perhaps I shouldn’t be) of how many folks in the Bay Area really hate the Seahawks. Myself I like many teams (mostly west coast teams, 49ers, Raiders, Chargers all inclusive — hell even the Broncos).

The previous two Seahawk games were waay too close for my own comfort I like to see a commanding 10 point lead in any game, I don’t like games won at the last second by a field goal or “one(or two) good play(s)”. I couldn’t of asked for anything more in this Superbowl, such a commanding destruction of the Broncos on both sides of the ball. To be totally honest I was prepared for the Seahawks to lose to the Broncos after the Broncos ripped the Patriots a new one two weeks ago (combined with the previous two Seahawks games being too close). Wow, I’m just totally blown away. I really don’t have words to describe how incredible of a victory that was.

Congrats, I wish I was in Seattle to be at COWGIRLS tonight I know it’s going to be a mad house…….!!!!!!!!!

Hell I’m tempted to drive back up there for Cowgirls next Friday+Saturday, will have to debate that with myself over the coming week.

One thing’s for sure I’m going to have to invest in more Seahawks stuff, I have just two t-shirts that I bought many years ago.

Side note: speaking of those fancy Superbowl ads, I’ve never much cared for any of them. In fact this is the first Superbowl that I can recall that I’ve watched live, I prefer to watch things on at least a two hour delay with Tivo to skip the ads(and halftime).

People don’t understand why I don’t like to watch it live(unless I’m at a bar – in this case I was at a friend of a friend’s house), as much as I can’t understand why they have to watch it live – the results of the game do not change if you don’t see it live. I suppose if your doing betting or something in real time you need to be up to date on the stats, I am not a betting person though (even if for no money  – just not my personality). The NFC championship I ended up sleeping through most of it while it aired – and watched it after it ended. Some folks claim they have to because of social media – for me it’s not hard to just turn off my phone and not use the computer until it’s over. I’m also not much involved in social media to begin with(I don’t see that changing anytime soon the more I see the more I’m turned off by it other than LinkedIn which I feel is good from a professional standpoint). [Update from 2/3/14: I just checked all of the sites that I visit regularly as well as all of the RSS feeds I have and there’s no mention of who won the Superbowl, and nothing in any of my online chats either(mostly work related), so further evidence that my life is fairly isolated from sports in general]

My favorite bar to watch games at in the Bay Area is Rookie’s Lodge down in San Jose (40 minute drive each way for me). My favorite bar ever to watch a game at is Tilted Kilt – specifically the Tilted Kilt in Temecula, CA. They must’ve had a half dozen 100″+ screens (only been to that particular location once a couple of years ago). Though I’m happy to go to any Tilted Kilt (unfortunately the closest one to the Bay Area is in Orange County – I go there whenever I visit my family down there). In Seattle my favorite bar for a game is Sport(there is an Internap data center in the same building which is how I first came across that place). Speakin’ of Tilted Kilt I visited a Twin Peaks when I was in Phoenix on my trip recently. Saw one of their places on Undercover boss at one point. It was nice, lots of TVs(at least a half dozen right in front of me at the bar), good service, though the food menu was lacking compared to Tilted Kilt – which had probably 4-5x more items to choose from.

I wasn’t about to go to a bar to watch this Superbowl(living in the Bay Area), too many folks with negative energy towards the Seahawks (the Seahawks/New Orleans game was bad enough I was at a local bar for that). The group I was with tonight was very calm though(don’t think there were any hard core fans, certainly no team jerseys or anything).  Myself I am an introvert so I don’t yell and scream and stuff when plays happen, I’m typically silent during a game. I clap softly sometimes. I feel the blood pressure rise inside when big plays happen but my nature is to suppress it from an external perspective (happens really no matter how may Jack+Cokes I have).

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