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April 2, 2010

Grid Iron decloaks

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Grid Iron Systems seems to have left stealth mode somewhat recently, they are another start up that makes an accelerator appliance that sits in between your storage and your server(s). Kind of what Avere does on the NAS side, Grid Iron does on the SAN side with their “TurboCharger“.

Certainly looks like an interesting product but it appears they make it “safe” by making it cache only reads, I want a SSD system that can cache writes too! (yes I know that wears the SSDs out faster I’m sure, but just do warranty replacement). I look forward to seeing some SPC-1 numbers on how Grid Iron can accelerate systems, at the same time I look forward to SPC-1 numbers on how automatic storage tiering can accelerate systems as well.

I’d also be interested in seeing how Grid Iron can accelerate NetApp systems vs using NetApp’s own read-only PAM (since Grid Iron specifically mentions NetApp in their NAS accelerator, although yes I’m sure they just used NetApp as an example).

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