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May 3, 2010

Terremark vCloud Express: First month

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Not much to report, got my first bill for my first “real” month of usage (minus DNS I haven’t gotten round to transferring DNS yet but I do have the ports opened).

$122.20 for the month which included:

  • 1 VM with 1VPU/1.5GB/40GB – $74.88
  • 1 External IP address – $0.00 (which is confusing I thought they charged per IP)
  • TCP/UDP ports – $47.15
  • 1GB of data transferred – $0.17

Kind of funny the one thing that is charged as I use it (the rest being charged as I provision it) I pay less than a quarter for. Obviously I slightly overestimated my bandwidth usage. And I’m sure they round to the nearest GB, as I don’t believe I even transferred 1GB during the month of April.

I suppose the one positive thing from a bandwidth and cost standpoint if I ever wanted to route all of my internet traffic from my cable modem at home through my VM (over VPN) for paranoia or security purposes, I could. I believe Comcast caps bandwidth at ~250GB/mo or something which would be about $42/mo assuming I tapped it out(but believe me my home bandwidth usage is trivial as well).

Hopefully this coming weekend I can get around to assigning a second external IP, mapping it to my same DNS and moving some of my domains over to this cloud instead of keeping them hosted on my co-located server. Just been really busy recently.

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