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November 11, 2010

10% Tale of two search engines

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Saw! an! article! today! and! thought! of! a! somewhat! sad! situation,! at! least! for! those! at! Yahoo!

Not long ago, Google announced they would be giving every employee in the company a 10% raise starting January 2011. One super bad ass engineer is apparently going to get a $3.5M retention bonus to not go to the competition. Lucky for him perhaps that Google is based in California and non competes are not enforceable in California.

Now Yahoo! has announced somewhat of the opposite, no raises, in fact they are going to give the axe to 10% of their employees.

It’s too bad that Yahoo! lost it’s way so long ago. There was a really good blog post about what went wrong with Yahoo! Going back  more than a decade, really interesting insight into the company.

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