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March 4, 2010

Dell/Denali Servers/Storage luncheon March 25th

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Been a while since I posted an event, but if your looking for new servers/storage for your Exchange setup this event may be a good excuse to get away from work for a while.

Choose the Right Storage Solution for your Microsoft Exchange Environment
Thursday March 25th, 2010
11:30am – 1:30pm
El Gaucho
City Center Plaza
450 108th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

Join us for a complimentary technical seminar and learn how the Dell EqualLogic PS Series storage solution and Microsoft Exchange, deployed on Dell PowerEdge servers can deliver[..]

Myself I don’t expect to learn anything, and  3PAR storage can run exchange for a large number of users(from these numbers you could extrapolate a max of 192,000 mailboxes on a single storage system each with a heavy I/O profile), so not really in the market for some Equallogic storage. BUT I like to get away, especially if it’s local. I do find it curious that the event is specifically about Exchange, that is the mindset of dedicated storage to a particular application. When the industry trend seems to be leaning towards storage that is shared amongst many applications. Given that Microsoft doesn’t appear to be an event sponsor, I find this idea curious.

Thought this was interesting as well, Microsoft recommends RAID 1 for Exchange but (from one of the links above)..

Internal tests performed by 3PAR show that using RAID 5 (7+1)—i.e., seven data blocks per parity block—demonstrated that the same simulated Exchange workload used for Exchange 2007 ESRP testing had disk latencies that were higher than RAID 1 but well within Microsoft’s recommendations[..]

Going from RAID 1+0 to RAID 5+0 (7+1) is a pretty dramatic shift, showing how fast their “Fast” RAID is, and of course if you find out you laid data out incorrectly you can fix it on the fly. I wonder what Dell will say about their stuff.

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