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September 17, 2010

No more Cranky Geeks?

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What!! I just noticed that it seems the only online video feed I watch, Cranky Geeks seems to be coming to an end? That sucks! I didn’t stumble upon the series until about one and a half years ago on my Tivo. Been an big fan ever since. I rarely learned anything from the shows but I did like observing the conversations, it’s not quite to the technical depth that I get into but it’s a far cry from the typical “tech tv” videos/shows that don’t seem to go beyond things like over clocking and what motherboard and video card to use for the latest games.

I know I’m a hell of a lot more cranky than anyone I ever saw on the show but they did bitch about some things. There seems to have been quite a few video blogs, for a lack of a better word, that have bitten the dust in recent months, I guess the economy is taking it’s toll.

[Begin Another Tangent –]

I believe that we are entering the second phase of the great depression (how long until we are solidly in the second phase I’m not sure, won’t know until we’re there), the phase where states realize their budget shortfalls are too big for short term budget gimmicks and make drastic cuts and tax hikes which further damages the economy. I don’t blame anyone in particular for our situation it’s a situation that has been festering for more than thirty years, it’s like trying to stop an avalanche with I don’t know a snow plow?

This is what happens when you give people every incentive possible to pull demand forward, you run out of gimmicks to pull demand forward and are faced with a very large chasm that will only be healed with time, just look at Japan.

I have seen lots of folks say that this is not as bad as the real Great Depression, but they aren’t taking into account the massive amount of social safety nets that have been deployed over the past 40-50+ years, I just saw a news report last night that said the rate of poverty among children is the same as it was in the 1960s. And to think the cost of living in the U.S. is so high that living in poverty here in many countries if you got paid that you’d be in the upper middle class.

Not sustainable, and as time goes on more and more people are realizing this, unfortunately too late for many they will be left behind, permanently.

My suggestion? Read the infrastructure report card. Yes I know infrastructure spending is not a short term stimulus, we need to take advantage of lower prices for wages, and materials, and rebuild the country, it will take years, maybe even a couple of decades but we need it. Long term problems call for long term solutions.

[End Another Tangent –]

I hope it doesn’t go but it looks like it’s essentially gone, and I just added the link to the blog roll a few days ago!

Noticed this from John in the comments –

The two companies couldn’t come to any agreement. This is a problem when you personally do not own the show. The fact is the show is not what advertising agencies want. They want two minute shows with a 15 second pre-roll ad at the beginning. They see no market for anything with a long format unless it is on network TV.

The irony is that the demographics for the show should be at $100/per k levels if they understood anything at all.

It’s amazing that we managed to get 4 1/2 years out of the show.



RIP Cranky Geeks, I shall miss you greatly.

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