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November 11, 2010

RHEL 6 Launched

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I didn’t even notice it, as The Register put it, it was a very quiet launch. While I have been using Debian on my home systems for more than twelve years now, I do much prefer to use Red Hat Enterprise at work.

And RHEL 6 looks like a pretty decent upgrade

  • Significantly improved power management (aka lower cpu usage for idle VMs) – hello higher consolidation ratios
  • Hot add CPU and memory (wish there was hot remove – if there is I don’t see it mentioned)
  • 85% increase in number of packages in the distribution – yay, maybe there will be a lot less things I will have to compile on my own

Sorry I still can’t help but laugh at the scalability claims

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has been designed to deliver performance and scalability without sacrificing data integrity. It allows scaling to 4,096 CPUs and 64 terabytes of RAM, providing a solid foundation for supporting upcoming generations of hardware.

It is interesting that the max file system size for the ext4 file system is the same as ext3 – 16TB. Seems kind of dinky.

XFS goes to 100TB which also seems small, maybe just “tested” limits, I would expect XFS to scale far higher than that given it’s SGI heritage. The XFS documentation says for 64-bit Linux you can go to 18 Exabytes, which I think is just as crazy as Red Hat’s CPU claims but as long as you can safely do a few hundred TB that is more than enough for these days I think.

I can’t imagine anyone committing a petabyte or more to a single file system for a good long while at least.

I’ll let others play with KVM until at least RHEL 7, until then it’s VMware for me.

10% Tale of two search engines

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Saw! an! article! today! and! thought! of! a! somewhat! sad! situation,! at! least! for! those! at! Yahoo!

Not long ago, Google announced they would be giving every employee in the company a 10% raise starting January 2011. One super bad ass engineer is apparently going to get a $3.5M retention bonus to not go to the competition. Lucky for him perhaps that Google is based in California and non competes are not enforceable in California.

Now Yahoo! has announced somewhat of the opposite, no raises, in fact they are going to give the axe to 10% of their employees.

It’s too bad that Yahoo! lost it’s way so long ago. There was a really good blog post about what went wrong with Yahoo! Going back  more than a decade, really interesting insight into the company.

Extreme VMware

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So I was browsing some of the headlines of the companies I follow during lunch and came across this article (seems available on many outlets), which I thought was cool.

I’ve known VMware has been a very big happy user of Extreme Networks gear for a good long time now though I wasn’t aware of anything that was public about it, at least until today. It really makes me feel good that despite VMware’s partnerships with EMC and NetApp that include Cisco networking gear, at the end of the day they chose not to run Cisco for their own business.

But going beyond even that it makes me feel good that politics didn’t win out here, obviously the people running the network have a preference, and they were either able to fight, or didn’t have to fight to get what they wanted. Given VMware is a big company and given their big relationship with Cisco I would kind of think that Cisco would try to muscle their way in. Many times they can succeed depending on the management at the client company, but fortunately for the likes of VMware they did not.

SYDNEY, November 12. Extreme Networks, Inc., (Nasdaq: EXTR) today announced that VMware, the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, has deployed its innovative enterprise, data centre and Metro Ethernet networking solutions.

VMware’s network features over 50,000 Ethernet ports that deliver connectivity to its engineering lab and supports the IT infrastructure team for its converged voice implementation.

Extreme Networks met VMware’s demanding requirements for highly resilient and scalable network connectivity. Today, VMware’s thousands of employees across multiple campuses are served by Extreme Networks’ leading Ethernet switching solutions featuring 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, all powered by the ExtremeXOS® modular operating system.


“We required a robust, feature rich and energy efficient network to handle our data, virtualised applications and converged voice, and we achieved this through a trusted vendor like Extreme Networks, as they help it to achieve maximum availability so that we can drive continuous development,” said Drew Kramer, senior director of technical operations and R&D for VMware. “Working with Extreme Networks, from its high performance products to its knowledgeable and dedicated staff, has resulted in a world class infrastructure.”

Nice to see technology win out for once instead of back room deals which often end up screwing the customer over in the long run.

Since I’m here I guess I should mention the release of the X460 series of switches which came out a week or two ago, intended to replace the now 4-year old X450 series(both “A” and “E”). Notable differences & improvements include:

  • Dual hot swap internal power supplies
  • User swappable fan tray
  • Long distance stacking over 10GbE – up to 40 kilometers
  • Clear-Flow now available when the switches are stacked (prior hardware switches could not be stacked to use Clear-Flow
  • Stacking module is now optional (X450 it was built in)
  • Standard license is Edge license (X450A was Advanced Edge) – still software upgradable all the way to Core license (BGP etc). My favorite protocol ESRP requires Advanced Edge and not Core licensing.
  • Hardware support for IPFIX, which they say is complimentary to sFlow
  • Lifetime hardware warranty with advanced hardware replacement (X450E had lifetime, X450A did not)
  • Layer 3 Virtual Switching (yay!) – I first used this functionality on the Black Diamond 10808 back in 2005, it’s really neat.

The X460 seems to be aimed at the mid to upper range of GbE switches, with the X480 being the high end offering.

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