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March 3, 2011


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Here’s some more color to my blog.


I saw this on LinkedIn a few minutes ago and couldn’t help but laugh.


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  1. I just suffered a rash of LinkedIn invites. Is it because I’m socially acceptable again? Or desperation? Or that LinkedIn apparently incentivises some people to get others to join?

    Funnily, they all had ME for a boss . . Was I too nice to them (worriedly looks at old payslips)!!

    For the record, i don’t mess with social networking. Only three blogs have caught my attention. One is about F1 racing, which is not big in the US, but it’s a helluva blog. OK, 4, i did just one day post something to Cringeley’s but that was topic specfific. (it was on naming companies, which used to be an in joke here) Oh, and ageing drunken slashdot rants, which probably blended in nicely, phew.

    Keep the humor coming Nate, nice one!

    – j

    Comment by John (other John) — March 9, 2011 @ 7:08 am

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