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May 17, 2011

LinkedIn IPO Pending

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Not too much to say here, it seems LinkedIn will IPO in a couple of days with a share price north of $40/share, which to me seems kind of high, normally the IPOs I see have initial offerings at a much lower price, and they just offer more shares at the lower price (usually see mid teens or so).

I’ve never been a fan of social media (you won’t find me on Facebook, Twitter or pretty much anything else), but LinkedIn  is one site I have gotten a ton of value out of.

I remember back when I worked for another social media company wannabe Jobster (long defunct) a few years ago they used to try to get the employees to invite their friends to join the social network, I never participated, there was no reason for anyone to join. I remember thinking to myself, I have more people in my LinkedIn network then Jobster has in it’s entire community.

Funny screenshot from my LinkedIn profile from several years ago

I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people, and LinkedIn basically acts as an address book for me, I don’t get overloaded with spam from their constant updates (I do wish I could turn off receiving twitter messages on linkedin though), don’t have to be bothered with people’s pictures or whatever, just basic contact information, no fuss, no obnoxious crap that you find on most other social media sites, very clean.
So, best wishes LinkedIn for your IPO, hope it goes well, you provide a good service, to some extent a service that Jobster had hoped to capitalize on several years ago but was never able to.

I won’t be buying any of their stock, well, because I don’t buy stock. period.

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