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Oracle first to release 10GbaseT as standard ?

Sun has had some innovative x86-64 designs in the past, particularly on the AMD front. Of course Oracle dumped AMD a while back, and focus on Intel, despite that their market share continues to collapse (in good part probably because they screwed  over many of their partners from what I recall by going direct with so many customers, among other things).

In any case they launched a new server line up today, which otherwise is not really news since who uses Sun/Oracle x86-64 boxes anyways? But I thought the news was interesting since it seems to include 4 x 10GbaseT ports on board as standard.

Rear of Sun Fire X4170 M3 Server

The Sun Fire X4170 M3 and the X4270 M3 systems both appear to have quad port 10GbaseT on the motherboard. I haven't heard of any other severs yet that have this as standard. Out of curioisity if you know of others I'd be interested to hear who they are.

The data sheet is kind of confusing, saying it has 4 onboard 10GbE ports but then it says Four 100/1,000/10 Base-T Ethernet ports in the network section below. Of course it was frequent to have 10/100/1000 BaseT before, so after seeing the physical rear of the system it seems convincing that they are using 10GbaseT.

Nice goin' Oracle.


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  1. Their problem is not that they are cutting out their channel, it’s that they are twice as expensive as equivalent gear from HP, let alone other Intel server OEMs. We considered Sun and HP for my startup a year ago, and ended up passing and opting for generic Intel gear instead (the ones Intel makes for HPC customers, but doesn’t advertise too widely for fear of upsetting HP and IBM).

  2. interesting, I didn’t know they priced their x86 gear so high too – twice as high as HP is pretty, well stupid. I’m trying to remember if I ever quoted their stuff out but I don’t remember.

    thanks for the post!

  3. HP ProLiant BL460c G7 Integrated NC553i Dual Port FlexFabric 10Gb Adapter, Cisco UCS B230 M2 Blade Servers, etc. 10GbE is becoming common e.g.

  4. Thanks for the post! Though those systems are not 10GbaseT. (10GbE over CAT6 copper cable).

  5. The datasheet is not confusing. It clearly says 100/1000/10G BaseT (the last one is the list is 10G BaseT).

  6. they must’ve updated it then since my post was a direct copy/paste from the data sheet at the time.

    thanks for the post!

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