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June 26, 2012

In Seattle area July 13 – 22nd – and at Velocity 2012 tonight

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Hey folks!

For my friends up in SEA I wanted to announce that I plan to be in Bellevue from July 13th and leave on the 22nd. Looking at that Wikipedia article

In 2008, Bellevue was named number 1 in CNNMoney’s list of the best places to live and launch a business. More recently, Bellevue was ranked as the 4th best place to live in America.

I guess I was pretty lucky to both live and work in Bellevue in 2008! (lived right across the street from work even) – I do miss it, though it was growing too fast (for good reason I’m sure). The downtown area just exploded during the 11 years I lived there(I lived downtown). My new home doesn’t seem to have won any awards at least according to wikipedia. I still walk to work – but it’s much further away (especially after a recent office move now 0.8 miles each way, double what it used to be).

As I mentioned before I’m driving up the coast (at least part way, haven’t decided how far past Crescent City, CA I will go). I thought about it and ordered a new camera which should get here soon and I’m pretty excited to try it out. I wanted something with a more powerful optical zoom than the 12X I have now so thought I would have to go DSLR. After doing a bit of checking it seems that typical DSLR zoom lenses aren’t that impressive (from a zoom factor at least). So I came across the Nikon P510 and it’s unbelievable 42X optical zoom (I was expecting to get something more like 20X),  so it wasn’t a very hard decision to make. The camera is bigger than what I have now, but it’s about the same size as a Kodak camera I had before which had 10X zoom (bought in 2005).

I’m very much an amateur picture taker (I couldn’t bring myself to use the term photographer because I suck), but I really did like the scenery along the western coast of the country the last trips I took.

So not only does it have a massive zoom, just what I wanted but the price is good too! To think I was thinking about spending $1500 for a short while until I determined the DSLR zoom wasn’t as high of a zoom factor as I thought they would be(given the price). I know the picture quality of the DSLRs are much better – or at least can be in the right hands (my hands are not the right hands).

Anyways back on topic – my trip to Seattle, I mean to Bellevue, I’m staying at the Larkspur Hotel, a chain I had not heard of before but it looks like a really nice place, and close to my former home. The plans are not 100% finalized but I think I am 95-98% sure at this point. I opted for a refundable room just in case 🙂

Of course I plan to be at the usual places while I’m there, I’ll be working for a few days at least since most of the action will be at night and weekends anyways.

Also if your in the Bay Area and aren’t doing anything else tonight there is a Music + Tech party sponsored by Dynect (who is a DNS provider I’ve been using for a few years they have great service), in Santa Clara tonight at 8PM. Barring an emergency or something I’m planning to be there. Unlike the main Velocity 2012 conference this event does not require a pass/tickets to attend.

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