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May 14, 2013

Some pictures of large scale Microsoft ITPAC Deployments

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Just came across this, at Data Center Knowledge. I have written about these in the past, from a high level perspective they are incredibly innovative, far more so than any other data center container I have seen at least.

Once you walk outside, you begin to see the evolution of Microsoft’s data center design. The next building you enter isn’t really a building at all, but a steel and aluminum framework. Inside the shell are pre-manufactured ITPAC modules. Microsoft has sought to standardize the design for its ITPAC – short for Information Technology Pre-Assembled Component – but also allows vendors to work with the specifications and play with the design. These ITPACs use air side economization, and there are a few variations.

I heard about some of these being deployed a couple years ago from some friends, though this is the first time I’ve seen pictures of any deployment.

You can see a video on how the ITPAC works here.

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