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May 30, 2014

HP Discover 2014 – Las Vegas

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HP Discover 2014I’m going to be attending my first HP Discover in two weeks in Las Vegas. HP has asked me for a while to go but I do not like big trade shows(or anywhere with large crowds of people), so until now have shied away.

I had a really good time at the HP Storage tech day and Nth symposium last year so I decided I wanted to try out Discover this year given that I know at least some folks that will be there and we’ll be in a somewhat organized group of “bloggers” led by Calvin Zito the HP Storage blogger.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas before but I’ll be there from June 8th and leaving on the 13th. After that I’m going to Arizona to check out the Grand Canyon and a few other places for a few days and return home the following week some time.

Looking forward to meeting some folks there, should be pretty fun.

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  1. I just read your blog at

    And where you make a really good case for HP (you can thank their marketing arm),you really misrepresent the CIsco UCS system in the most grotesque fashion I have ever seen from a supposed “technical person”. You have done a very good job reposing the same marketing lies that HP tells customers to keep selling their outdated systems.

    Every point that you point to is mostly false:

    Out of band management: If Cisco does not have out of band management (its a little think called mgmt port on the FI’s), then neither does HP with ILO.

    Fault domains: If a TWO DIFFERENT Fabric interconnects that do not share any power supplies and all the connected servers in SEPARATE chassis with up to 4 different power supplies constitutes a single fault domain, then what does several HP Chassis represent if the single server that you use to manage the chassis then goes down represent?

    HP Smart Update Manager: This is not part of a Chassis and the software included with said chassis (Cisco includes firmware management FREE as part of the system), its a completely different software solution: With Cisco you can use Microsoft, BMC and a host of others to manage the firmware and patches that HP claims… No differentiation here.

    The Case for intelligent Compute: Where you right, HP (and really Compaq, I miss them as a company) has had really good ram checking for a long time, but it does not stop there, you need to monitor a whole suite of items on servers today. Cisco has much of this built in (At no extra cost), along with a similar function to HP on the RAM. This is so common on systems today that even white box vendors have Advanced ECC to some extent.

    Simplicity Matters: So What? HP Can connect to a 3Par array… Cisco UCS has been doing this with Netapp and EMC for quite some time… maybe 3 years. Nice of HP to copy them. Also cabeling a UCS system is so simple you can train a monkey to do it… IOM A to FI A (don’t care which port) IOM B to FI B (again don’t care which port)… Simple, then configure from the crap Java interface… Yea Java Sucks, and Cisco uses it all over the place!

    The Cost of the 17th Server: I’m not sure where you got that slide, but when I have done this for many customers its much closer that either slide shows. But Cisco usually does edge out HP when it comes to actual purchase price. Go look at the state of California department of general services web site to get an idea of average selling price on HP gear, then get a quote from a Cisco Reseller… or better yet, get one from HP , then get one from Cisco… They will be real close.

    Portfolio Matters: Who cares when what I really want is an x86 server with loads of ram for my visualization farm? Now for the more nitch apps that I’m not visualizing, well, those are going AWAY! So I don’t care and neither do a lot of other people.

    The last slide: Dell, really they compare to dell? Watch this: Thats a real comparison!

    Since you have closed off the comments no one is allowed to point out the errors of your ways. But your last statement says it all “as I mentioned I won’t buy Cisco for any reason already”, you are closed off to learning new technology and for an “IT professional” this is really sad.


    (p.s. if a storage vendor is treating SSD, aka flash drives, the same as block storage your in for a real issue when it comes to MLC cycles)

    Comment by Eric — July 20, 2014 @ 4:25 pm

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