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What a mouthful

TechOps Guy: Nate

I've thought about this off and on and I better write about it so I can forget about it.

I think Force10 is way too verbose in choosing the phrase to describe their company, it's quite a mouthful -

Force10 Networks, Inc., a global technology leader that data center, service provider and enterprise customers rely on when the network is their business[..]

I like Force10, I have been watching them for five years now, I just think any phrase you choose to describe your company should be short enough to say it in one (casual) breath.

How about "Force10 Networks Inc., a global networking technology leader".

Force10's marketers are very nice folks I've sent them two corrections over the years to their web site(one concerning the number of ports a competitor offers in their products, the other with a math error in a graphic showing much you can save on their products), they were very kind and responsive(and fixed both problems pretty quickly too). This one I won't send to them directly since it's more than a cosmetic change 🙂