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September 16, 2010

How High?

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I got this little applet on my Ubuntu desktop that tracks a few stocks of companies I am interested in(I don’t invest in anything). And thought it was pretty crazy how close to the offer price the 3PAR stock price got today, I mean as high as 32.98, everyone of course knows the final price will be $33, to think folks are trading the stock with only $0.02 of margin to me is pretty insane.

Looks a fair sight better than the only public company I have ever worked for, surprised they are still around even!

I never bought any options, good thing I guess because from the day I was hired the stock never did anything but go down, I think my options were in the ~$4.50 range (this was 2000-2002)

Just dug this up, I remember being so proud my company is on TV! Not quite as weird as watching the commercials back when I worked there. A company that spent $7 million a month on bandwidth it didn’t know it had and wasn’t utilizing. Of course by the time they found out it was too late.

My company at the top of the list! I miss Tom Costello, he was a good NASDAQ floor guy. Screen shot is from March 2002. Also crazy that the DOW is only 68 points higher today than it was eight years ago.

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