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February 8, 2011

New WebOS announcements tomorrow

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Looking forward myself to the new WebOS announcements coming from HP/Palm, seem to be at about noon tomorrow. I’ve been using a Palm Pre for almost two years now I think, and recently the keyboard on it stopped working, so hoping to see some good stuff announced tomorrow. Not sure what I will do – I don’t trust Google or Apple or Microsoft, so for smart phones it’s Palm and Blackberry. WebOS is a really nice software platform from a user experience standpoint it’s quite polished. I’ve read a lot of complaints about the hardware from some folks, until recently my experience has been pretty good though. As an email device the blackberry rocked, though I really don’t have to deal with much email (or SMS for that matter).

Maybe I’ll go back to a ‘feature phone’ and get a WebOS tablet, combined with my 3G/4G Mifi and use that as my web-connected portable device or something. My previous Sanyo phones worked really well. Not sure where I’m at with my Sprint contract for my phone, and Sprint no longer carries the Pre and doesn’t look like it will carry the Pre 2. I tried the Pixi when it first came out but the keyboard keys were too small for my fingers even when using the tips of my fingers.

I found a virtual keyboard app which lets me hobble along on my Pre in the meantime while I figure out what to do.

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