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May 25, 2011

RIP: Mark Haines

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Not tech related, but a sad day for me, a great guy Mark Haines who was an anchor on CNBC for decades died recently at the age of 65. I have been watching his show for at least the past 5 years now and he really was my favorite guy, always honest, never afraid to confront someone on a topic, and never afraid to speak his own mind. He was with CNBC since the day they launched in 1989.

Mark Haines correctly called the top of the Nasdaq in 2000, also correctly called the bottom of the markets (known as Haines’ bottom at the time) in 2008. With that in mind he called the recent tech IPOs (especially LinkedIn) a bubble (regardless of whether of whether or not the environment is different from the dot com days).

This sums him up pretty good in my eyes, from the words of Bob Pisani“How do I feel about you as a person, do you make sense to me, does your argument make sense to me, if it doesn’t make sense to me I’m not going to have that much respect for you – I don’t care what your title is, I don’t care what your position is. I don’t care if your a famous economist, I don’t care if your a world leader or not. If it makes sense to me, and I think you have a point to make, I’m going to give you the time and respect your opinion – if it doesn’t – I’m going to come back at you”.

There’s a tribute show for him today at 4PM PDT on CNBC.

He was an awesome person, and will be greatly missed by me.


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