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November 14, 2011

NetApp challenge falls without winners

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This is just too funny.

Nobody won a million pounds of kit from NetApp because data centre nerds thought the offer was unbelievable or couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork.

NetApp UK offered an award of up to £1m in NetApp hardware, software, and services to a lucky customer that managed to reduce its storage usage by 50 per cent through using NetApp gear. The competition’s rules are still available on NetApp’s website.

For years, I have been bombarded with marketing from NetApp (indirectly from the VARs and consultants they have bribed over the years) about the efficiency of the NetApp platform, especially de-dupe, how it will save you tons of money on storage etc.

Indirectly because I absolutely refused to talk directly to the NetApp team in Seattle after how badly they treated me when I was interested in being a customer a few years ago. It seemed just as bad as EMC was (at the time). I want to be treated as a customer, not a number.

Ironically enough it was NetApp that drove me into the arms of 3PAR, long before I really understood what the 3PAR technology was all about. It was NetApp’s refusal to lend me an evaluation system for any length of time which is what sealed the deal for my first 3PAR purchase. Naturally, at the time 3PAR was falling head over heels at the opportunity to give us an eval, and so we did evaluate their product, an E200 at the time. Which in the end directly led to 4 more array purchases(with a 5th coming soon I believe), and who knows how many more indirectly as a result of my advocacy either here or as a customer reference.

Fortunately my boss at the time, was kind of like me, when the end of the road came for NetApp – and when they dropped their pants (prices) so low that most people could not ignore, my boss was to the point where NetApp could of given us the stuff for free and he would of still bought 3PAR. We asked for eval for weeks and they refused us every time until the last minute.

I have no doubt that de-dupe is effective, how effective is dependent on a large number of factors. Suffice to say I don’t buy it yet myself, at least not as a primary reason to purchase primary storage for online applications.

Anyways, I think this contest, more than anything else is a perfect example. You would think that the NetApp folks out there would of jumped on this, but there are no winners, that is too bad, but very amusing.

I can’t stop giggling.

I guess I should thank NetApp for pointing me in the right direction in the beginning of my serious foray into the storage realm.

So, thanks NetApp! 🙂

Four posts in one morning! And it’s not even 9AM yet! You’d think I have been up since 5AM writing and you’d be right.


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