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August 23, 2010

Solaris reboot

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Most everyone saw it coming but I suppose it’s more ‘official’ now, from The Register

The OpenSolaris board has suspended operations and symbolically handed all responsibly for of the open-variant of Solaris back to database giant Oracle.
Turns out now, instead of OpenSolaris being coded well ahead of the commercial Solaris, the only open source version of any future Solaris stack will come after the commercial product.

While I don’t recall what the license was, I do remember ordering copies of Solaris source code about 8-10 years ago for the company I was at (they were developing apps that ran on among other things Solaris).

Too bad OpenSolaris never really got off the ground, it was pretty close, apparently only a few things were left that were yet to be open sourced, including libc (I think – pretty critical).

While I did not like the userland tools for Solaris(and really hated patch management under Solaris 7 and 8, don’t recall 9, and never really used 10), the kernel was very impressive and solid. It would of been nice to have seen a Debian kSolaris distribution along the lines of Debian kFreeBSD.

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